Quality Homework Guidlines

ALL CLASSES                         MRS. Sorce





The majority of assignments will be graded on completion, and correctness. It is up to you to correct and learn from your mistakes in preparation for the test.


1.       Worksheets:  If space allows work to be done completely AND neatly, you may do work on the worksheet itself.  Otherwise, follow the guidelines for Bookwork. 

2.       Bookwork:  Begin each assignment on a separate sheet of paper. 

3.       Work must be done on graph paper (or lined paper, with graph paper utilized for graphs). 

4.       The following information is to be written at the top of the paper:

5.       Fold the paper into two vertical columns.  Begin the assignment at the top of the left column working down that column first then moving to the top of the right column.  Work additional problems on the back and on             any additional pages the same way.

6.       Number all problems.  COPY ALL problems and diagrams from the BOARD (with the exception of word problems; for these, only copy relevant information) before answering each problem!

7.       All work/steps must be shown to receive full credit.  Do each new step on a new line to keep your work neat and organized.  Box, circle, or highlight your final answer for each problem.  ANSWERS ONLY WILL NOT

         BE ACCEPTED if there is work to show! 

8.       Leave a blank line between problems for easy reading and corrections. 

9.       Use PENCIL and ERASE your errors when correcting… don’t scribble them out!

10.      Try EVERY problem assigned.  Everyone can copy down the original problem and try a first step using the examples in your notes as a guide.  Sometimes this first step unlocks the whole problem!  Always show what            you know!

Remember, many mistakes in math come simply from sloppiness or disorganization.  Neat work will pay off and help you succeed!